Bayley Arts takes part in the Incognito Art Show

Bayley Arts takes part in the Incognito Art Show

In May 2024 twenty Bayley Artists and three Bayley Arts Instructors submitted artwork to the ‘Incognito Art Show’ Australia’s biggest and most inclusive art show. These work go on sale in person in Sydney over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of July and then go online for the whole of Australia to view and purchase.

By contributing to the Incognito Art Show, Bayley Artists will gain exposure within the art community and further champion our core value of art for all.

The Incognito Art Show isn’t an ordinary art sale. Every piece of art work, regardless of artist is sold for just $100 AUD.

The identity of an artwork’s artist remains anonymous. Only once an artwork is bought, will the artist’s name be revealed to the buyer on the back of the artwork.

Profits raised will go towards funding programs that support artists disability. who work out of Studio A. and We Are Studios who are both Sydney based art studios  that provide professional development for artists with intellectual disabilities.

The show’s unique model provides greater access to art-buying for those without the usual means to do so, as well as democratises art selection; buyers buy what they truly love, not just a big name.

Congratulations to the following artists for choosing to take part and submitting work.

Bayley Artists and Bayley Arts Instructors

Robyn Doherty
Sally Tran
Gavin Moore
Toby Frost
Louise Taffs
Brodie Horsey
Claudia Baker
Mackenzie Smith
Georgina Broadway
Jamie Friswell
Michelle Aparo
Philip Fullinfaw
Lauren Smith
Elizabeth Nicolaou
Veronica Napiza
Hayley James
Bri Peatling
Ed Kidd
Ioanna Constantelos
Thomas Weisner
Tessa Hens
Jenna Henry
Angela U


Bayley Arts is so proud of the work has been created for this incredible show.

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