How to choose the right Gallery space for your art exhibition!

How to choose the right Gallery space for your art exhibition!

Finding the right gallery space for your exhibition is an important decision. Let us tell you about our gallery. We're all about making art accessible to everyone, so everyone can enjoy it.

Tips for Finding the Right Gallery Space:

  • Explore venues that align with both artistic and social values.
  • Experience galleries first hand by visiting exhibitions and exhibition openings to get a real feeling for the space and the venue.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gallery Space:

  1. Purpose: Exhibiting in a reputable gallery enhances an artist's credibility. By supporting our gallery, artists contribute to a meaningful purpose, as all proceeds go towards supporting people with intellectual disability—a testament to our commitment to both art and community.

  2. Size and Layout: A gallery's layout should compliment the scale and nature of the artwork. With moveable walls, plinths and a professional hanging system our gallery offers versatility, allowing for customisable layouts to effectively showcase your art - from very large pieces to smaller pieces. 

  3. Lighting: The lighting of a gallery is very important, showing the colours and details of your artwork in a real, consistent and flattering way. Our gallery features gallery professional track lighting with adjustable brightness and incredible natural light.

  4. Cost and Commission's: When choosing the gallery for your exhibition it is important that you are clear about the costs. How much does it cost to hire the gallery in total and how much commission will you be paying when your art is sold. You can download and view our full pricing here.

  5. Website: Who will sell the artwork - will the gallery? Or will this be up to you? We can add all of your work to our shopify website - making the shoppibng experience easy. Or you may prefer to take care of this yourself, we are flexible. You need to provide the high resolution photos.

  6. Gallery amenities: Our gallery is committed to accessibility, with a lift, wide doors, a changing places bathroom, accessible bathrooms, a loading dock for easy transportation of artworks. Additional amenities, such as access to the rooftop deck and a fully equipped kitchen, 

  7. Opening event: Does the gallery you are looking at have the amenties to have an opening or closing night? At Bayley Arts our opening nights are wonderful events, we can give you advice with catering and we have a fully equiped kitchen you can use. We also have an incredible rooftop deck which is always enjoyed on our Exhibition events.

  8. Access to Gallery: It is good to understand what the opening hours of the Gallery are - and if you can be on site at the gallery to meet people. Can you access the gallery outside of opening hours? With our gallery we can give you remote access so you can access the gallery when you need. We recommend you being there as much as possible, some previous artists have hosted  artist talks, workshops and being in the gallery on the weekends their exhibition is on.

  9. Insurance: Does the gallery have insurance which covers the cost of your work if damaged whilst hanging in their gallery. Bayley Arts has in place insurance cover against loss, damage, theft and destruction of artworks during your hire period.

Choosing the perfect gallery space goes beyond aesthetics—it's about finding a venue that resonates with your artistic vision and values. Our gallery offers not only professional standards and a conducive environment for exhibitions but also a meaningful contribution to supporting people with intellectual disability. We invite artists to consider our space for their exhibitions, where art and community intersect to create a truly enriching experience.


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