Ink It up a Printmaking Intiative

Ink It up a Printmaking Intiative
In August 2023, Bayley Arts received a community grant from Bayside City Council, marking the beginning of the 'Ink It Up' initiative.

‘Ink It Up’ is a printmaking initiative celebrating the artistic talents of Bayley Artists.

Bayley Arts began by purchasing a printing press from Melbourne Etching Supplies.


Professional development for staff and Bayley Artists in printmaking processes began. We held a series of professional development workshops for 10 Bayley arts instructors, in partnership with Adrian Spurr at Boldface Fine Art Print.

The aim of professional development was to up skill our instructors in safe work methods and best practice in printmaking.

This led to confidently supporting Bayley Artists to prepare, ink and print their own artworks.

The Ink it Up initiative also provided further artist development for Bayley Artists to refine their skills and try a new printmaking technique with Clare Whitney.

‘Ink it Up’ will showcase the incredible variation and creativity of printmaking at Bayley Arts Gallery, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the Bayside arts community.

You’re invited ‘Ink it up’ at Bayley Arts

31 May 6pm



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