Plastic Problems - Exploring Sustainability Through Art

Plastic problems Bayley Artists

In 2023 a group of artists at Bayley Arts set out to connect with and learn from Bayside City Council Billilla studio artist and environmental activist, Carolyn Cardinet.  

Exploring Sustainability Through Art

Plastic Problems, represents the meeting of artists and an immersive journey into the devastating environmental impacts of waste and plastic pollution on our beautiful coastal waters and our vulnerable marine life. 


Carolyn Cardinet, Hayley James, Sally Tran, Maryann Walker, Robbie Blumenstein, Samantha Gabriel, Jacqui Shafar, Bri Peatling, Lauren Smith, Emi Tiernan,Dahlia Schapp, Olivia Hannon, Max Williamson,Julia Stone, Max Lewis, Inga Wood, AshleyGiles, Catriona Ryan

Artist Supporters:

Jacqueline Miller, Angela Uytenboogardt, Jenna Henry

Bayley Arts artists and Carolyn Cardinet first connected through letter writing.

Then a visit and introduction by Carolyn who shared information about her art practice and sustainability themes.

Exploring Sustainability

Artists explored sustainability and impacts of plastic waste through many channels.

Some of these included:

  • participating in a beach clean, collecting plastic debris;
  • inviting Bayside City Council Sustainability Officer for an educational talk;
  • discussions and research about plastic waste through documentaries, newspaper and media

Carolyn Introduces Art Materials

Carolyn introduced the idea of using plastic waste to produce art. New materials were shared with artists, in particular hay baling twine and chicken wire.

Weaving techniques were taught and explored. Artists produced a range of patterns and textures through their weaving and were able to master some new techniques.

Other art techniques were explored such as pin prick art to represent animals endangered by plastic waste. Many of the artists were partiuclarly concerned by the impacts of plastics on animals.

Plastic debris silhouette and acrylics and water spurred abstract paintings.

As the project progressed, more Bayley Arts artists started to explore the materials that Cardinet had introduced.

With guidance from supporting staff artists explored Gelli Plate printing with the hay baling twine. They also explored creating hanging sculptures with this material and plastic debris to resemble eels.


Exploration of new art practices, environmental awareness, collaboration and sharing of life experience made for rich learning and creativity during this project.

Many of the artists involved reflected on the process by writing thank you letters to Carolyn Cardinet.

Beyond This Exhibition

Artists involved in this collaboration will continue to work together towards an exhibition at Bayley Arts in 2024.

Sculpture and a film installation will be explored to further develop artworks for this exhibition.

Carolyn and Bayley artists have maintained their connection and continue to learn from one another.


Bayside City Council Corporate Centre, 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham.  


Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm 


14th November to 2nd February 2024 

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