Around the World - December 2023

Art is a journey often begun with no fixed destination. Like a traveller, exploring places around the world, engaging with art is an exploration that offers surprises, revelations, and experiences beyond expectations. This year the artists have steered the approach to curating the exhibition with a shared and accessible survey and voting process. "Around the World" is a wonderfully expansive theme that allows for a broad range of interpretations.


Artists have worked incredibly hard in the 10 weeks they had to prepare their artworks at our new Bayley Arts. The artists have been courageous in adapting to our new space and exploring new art processes, creating this incredible response to the theme. In embracing these new experiences lessons have been learned that extend well beyond the art making process.


The joy of this exhibition lies in the idea that Art is for All. Shared experimentation, exploration and collaboration, allows us to celebrate our diverse skills and imaginations. The artwork speaks to the understanding that everyone has a unique story to tell, a vision to share, and a place to belong. Artists explored this theme by delving into personal connections with countries, holidays, personal interests, or by exploring abstract concepts, such as pattern and colour. Additionally, the immediate environment and nature played a significant role in inspiring many of the artworks.


Art creates a common ground where people from varied walks of life converge, sharing their stories and perspectives through the vibrant range of mediums. With the opening of Bayley Arts there is a new drive for our Artists to reach out into the world around us to learn and engage with our community and other artists. This exhibition is an expression of this exciting desire.

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