Bayley Arts


Creative Arts Therapy utilises art, media, and the creative process to help clients explore emotions, increase self-awareness, and reduce anxiety. Through various mediums like drawing, writing, and movement, clients express themselves freely, processing emotions in a supportive environment. The process promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and coping skills, fostering healing and personal growth.

Creative Arts Therapists may also work multi-modally bringing elements of music, movement, drama and sensory work into their work alongside visual art.

You can find more information about Creative Arts therapy at ANZACATA

In contrast to an art class which may be more focussed on learning skills and working towards a ‘finished artwork’, Creative Art Therapy is process oriented.  It will always involve making art but is first and foremost a therapy medium.

Creative Art Therapy usually involves art-making, but it is first and foremost a form of therapy and use creative processes to help clients explore and express unconscious material that is often difficult to articulate in words.

We are proud to have two dedicated therapists who are Masters Creative Arts Therapy qualified and registered with ANZACATA, peak Australasian body for Creative Arts Therapy.

Yes you can use your NDIS funds to access this service, please reach out to us for a quote and more information.